Is there a way to download Catalog Item or Catalog bundle in ManageIQ

We can Import / Export the service dialog in ManageIQ ,but is there a way we can export a Catalog item or bundle created for a provider and save the template ,so that same catalog item/bundle can be reused for some other instance of ManageIQ running somewhere else

The goal is to reduce the manual work of bundling catalog items and bundling it for a provider different accounts/users running there own ManageIQ instance

example User A has a ManageIQ instance managing aws,vmware.gcp. User B has a there own ManageIQ instance managing aws,gcp

A has catalog for aws in which he provisions a vm and installs Jenkins using AWX

B has the same requirement.

So is there a way A can export the catalog bundle or item which can be imported by B

This is not possible ,have to do it manually