Issue Installing oVirt Hammer 5.1 in oVirt 4.3 Environment

I am trying to deploy MIQ in my oVirt environment.

The installation appears to be incredibly straightforward and I want to say the qc2 images are just broken, but the same problem happens on every installation. I want to use MIQ so I am attempting to get some community support to point out something I am doing wrong in hopes of utilizing what appears to be an amazingly powerful tool.

I follow the RHEV installation guide, since it is the closest deployment scenario to mine.

I have a VM with 16G RAM and 6x2.4GHz CPUs.

I upload the qc2 image to my data domain (specifically the image named “manageiq-ovirt-hammer-5.1.qc2”).

I attach the qc2 to the VM and ensure the bootable flag is selected.

I add a 200G thin provision disk for the database (against advisement I know, but I prefer to thin provision all my disks for now)

I start the VM and it boots.I use appliance_console to configure time zone, network, hostname, DNS servers (local FreeIPA installations).

The summary says the EVM and Database services are already running. I reset the database anyway per the guide and attempt to set up the database for the 200G HDD but this fails and tells me to reset the configuration, so I do that.

I stop and start EVM services for good measure.

When I get to where I expect to be presented with a MIQ login, it shows me an error:

“We’re sorry, but something went wrong. We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly”

This LOOKS like a ruby failure, but i expected a qc2 disk image to simply work out of the box.

Any assistance or guidance from this point would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

  1. Just for clarification: The database is up and running?
  2. Where does this message show up? on the webpage?
  1. Do you see anything in the /var/www/miq/vmdb/log directory? Espacially appliance_console.log and evm.log

The database appears to already be installed.

Welcome to the ManageIQ Virtual Appliance.

To modify the configuration, use a web browser to access the management page.
Hostname:                [SNIP]
IPv4 Address:  
IPv4 Gateway:  
IPv6 Address:            
IPV6 Gateway:            
Primary DNS:   
Secondary DNS: 
Search Order:            maetrix.corp
MAC Address:             56:6f:81:f0:00:26
Timezone:                America/Los_Angeles
Local Database Server:   running (primary)
ManageIQ Server:         running
ManageIQ Database:       localhost
Database/Region:         vmdb_production / 1
External Auth:           not configured
ManageIQ Version:        hammer-5\

I get the error mentioned above in the website for the server.

I see no logs in the apparent places. Apache, evm, appliance_console, last_startup, production, websocket show no apparent errors.

So, I’m not sure why but for some reason no oVirt images (qc2 or ova files) seem to work in oVirt or VirtualBox.

I managed to import a vSphere ova into VirtualBox as a test and just uploaded it to my oVirt environment. It appears to be fully functional except for that it sees all my CentOS hosts as RHEL, which isnt a bad thing, but I find it odd that oVirt images cannot function, but vSphere does.

Priority placement maybe?

Glad you figured it out yourself.
I never used the oVirt Image (only vSphere and Google Cloud).