Issues with importing tags through GUI using a CSV

I am attempting to tag VMs in manage IQ using the GUI’s native “Import Tags” feature (under Configuration>Tags>Import Tags).

I have a csv that I am told has the correct headers, and have tried to make the import work several different ways: I’ve used the name, the hostname, and the guid. Regardless of how I populate the CSV, I get the same error:

Error during ‘upload’: The following required columns used for matching are missing: name or hardware.networks.hostname or guid

Name is the first column as expected, and is there and correctly copied over. So far as I can tell, I’ve gone through all the permutations possible and gotten nowhere. There’s very little information on the web, the documentation or this forum regarding this function.

Can anyone assist with this or provide examples that worked correctly? I have specific reasons for using this instead of going the API route, provided I can get it to work.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.