Jump start Converged Infrastructure Project

I’m looking to jump start a new offering around IaaS for Converged Infrastructure.

My thought is to use MIQ as the core infrastructure management engine and present a new simplified UI for the IT generalist.

MIQ seems to have many core services that are needed - Fleecing, Inventory, Alerts, Monitoring, etc. MIQ provides MORE capabilities in some areas around “Cloud Management” than I need, but I also need to augment functions like Firmware updates (eg. Server BIOS).


  1. How easy would it be to replace the GUI?

  2. Is the existing UI built on top of the REST APIs?

    • Looking at the REST API Docs, it doesn’t appear they are complete enough to provide all the function that is in the existing UI.
    • Would there be performance concerns if one tried to leverage the REST APIs to build a new UI upon?
  3. Instead of replacing the entire GUI, is it straight forward to turn off existing functions & and add new capabilities?

My apologies, I haven’t dug into the source yet - I don’t have any background in Ruby.