Just installed ManageIQ and need a walk through or good resource to get started

Hello. I have been trying out Vmware vCAC and decided to give ManageIQ a look. Is there any way to get an engineer to walk me through the main parts of ManageIQ? Like self service, automation and governance(cost assignment and cost reporting, etc…).

I found some good videos and will also read the documentation as well but just wanted to see if I could speed up my learning.


I think the videos and basic docs are the place to start.

Try these parts: http://stage.manageiq.org/documentation/top-tasks/

And then let us know what, exactly, you’re trying to do.

How about the secuity and compliance…for ManageIQ. From technology stand point it looks good.

Thanks John. I’ll have a look. Here is an overview of what I’m looking to achieve.

vSphere 5.5

Datastore placement at deployment:
Based on a user choosing os and environment at vm deployment, like OS = windows and Env = development, I’d like for the vm to be deployed to the specific cluster(WindowsDevelopment, on the specific datastore cluster(WindowsDevDatastoreClstr).

Networks at deployment:
Eventually, I’d like to get to the point where I can have a user choose OS, environment and server function to determine which networks to connect to the VMs. Like if a vm will be windows + dev + sql = attach this network. But for now I am ok with us hooking up the correct networks after the deployment.

Join to AD and add computer to specific OU after deployment:
Is this possible in the software? Is it possible to call powershell from a deployment phase or something like in Vmware vCAC?

-We would like to have approval flows based on AD group membership. So if a user in a specific group, the approval should go to a certain person.
-Costing per business group\department. We need to have reporting on resource cost per month for each department(Dept AD group).

This may be too much information but better to have too much than not enough.

Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks for your guidance!


Here are some answers for you.

Placement is controlled via Placement Profiles, these are ruby methods that would contain logic to do what you wish. OOTB you can use tags to simply tag up the various infrastructure components into their various categories as you see fit, the visibility of those items are automatically controlled via RBAC. So if you tag certain clusters as RED, and login with a User/Group that is only allowed to see RED then MIQ will only offer those resources that are tagged as RED to the user. If you wish to do this automatically, then this can work just as easily by selecting the “Choose Automatically” setting the in provisioning phases.

The same answer is for Networks too, you decide the logic, then write a provisioning profile that massages the current deployment options to what your logic decides. Everything is stored into an object call miq_request, and easily overridden.

Adding to an OU would be something MIQ could do with some automate method, I am sure this has been done before, though adding to a domain really sits with the OS itself to do using sysprep or unatttend.xml. We can call powershell, ruby and anything else you load onto the MIQ Appliance.

Approval is easy too, just amend the validate_request approval method for the approval workflow, and add some code that checks the users AD group and either auto approve or request approval. I am pretty sure this is less than 5 lines of ruby, not a challenge!

Costing should be possible base don your requirements, you may need to tag the departments and report on the tag, but consolidation of report data by groups is possible.

Hope this helps

Thanks JHardy. That is very helpful. Just as I am new to ManageIQ, I am new to Ruby as well. If you, or anyone else, have some code snippets and a quick how to on the MIQ that would be great. If not, I’ll see what I can dig up.

  1. What is RBAC?

  2. “workflow, and add some code that checks the users AD group” where do I add code?

Thanks a ton for the primer!