Label changes in manageiq repo

Hi all,

Recently we made a few changes to the labels in the manageiq repo, which I just wanted to announce here for your information. These changes were done to aid in finding labels and to also help out the Sprint presenters in more easily finding issues related to their content.

  • A new lifecycle label was created and then a handful of labels were moved under it. For example, provisioning was moved to lifecycle/provisioning .
  • Many of the “leaf” labels for providers were removed in favor a provider-type label towards our goal of provider pluggabilty with core knowing less about specific providers. For example, the providers/amazon label was removed and any issues labeled with that one were changed to be labeled with providers/cloud.
  • The transformation label was renamed to v2v to align with the corresponding repos.
  • The rest of the subject labels that didn’t fall into the above categories were changed to be under core. For example, reporting is now core/reporting.
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