LDAP look up group name only show sid

I follow manageIQ doc use external auth with windows AD it works fine, but the group name is sid.
Is this possible use name to create the group?

Hi @MilkBotttle this external auth uses sssd for user auth and you can invoke ‘id username’ from MIQ appliance bash console for sssd cache populating. After that groups should displayed by names.

Thanks @igortiunov, my group show the name in AD.
The other question.
Do I need run id command after reboot the system or service?
Or do once after I configured the sssd.

I think that this issue should have a corresponding bug request because every time you have to clean the sssd cache will pop up this problem.

Hi @MilkBotttle

Can you please check what type of groups whose names SID instead of name. Global or Universal ?

I found source BZ for this issue:



And there is related BZ for CFME


Fixed In Version: sssd-1.15.2-43.el7

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Ok guys. After updating appliance to RHEL 7.4 this issue has solved:

 rpm -qi sssd
 Name        : sssd
 Version     : 1.15.2
 Release     : 50.el7
 Architecture: x86_64
Install Date: Tue 01 Aug 2017 01:58:29 PM MSK

Hi @igortiunov

Thanks for the status update and I checked RH site, RHEL 7.4 is released on 01 Aug 2017, 4:52 PM GMT.

But miq appliance to my knowledge is using centos 7.3 not RHEL 7.3.
Wondering how can you do the appliance upgrade from centos to RHEL ?

HI @tjyang

I’m sorry I use CFME and today I update it to 7.4

For MIQ related patch should come soon with centos 7.4

@igortiunov, no problem at all. Thanks again for keeping us posted on this issue.

There should be big changes from 7.3 to 7.4, hope miq can survive the version upgrade like CFME on RHEL.
I will definitely take an OS snapshot of miq before the update when centos 7.4 is out.

Yes, the MIQ appliance update is big challenge. But you can update only particular packages such as sssd.

In general, for production use only CFME is suitable not only for reasons of good maintenance but also for the purpose of improving the quality of the product. Because each subscription provides programmers coffee and cookies :grin:

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Centos 7.4 1708 CR released a few days ago, update fine-3 miq appliance only sssd package is now possible .

Following is the packages will be impacted by sssd package upgrade.

[root@miq01 ~]# yum-config-manager --enable cr
[root@miq01 ~]# dnf update sssd
CentOS-7 - cr                                                           11 MB/s | 5.9 MB     00:00
Using metadata from Tue Aug 29 08:43:06 2017
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                         Arch                Version                     Repository       Size
 libsss_certmap                  x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              149 k
 libipa_hbac                     x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              126 k
 libsss_autofs                   x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              128 k
 libsss_idmap                    x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              131 k
 libsss_simpleifp                x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              117 k
 libsss_sudo                     x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              126 k
 python-libipa_hbac              x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              119 k
 python-sss                      x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              136 k
 python-sssdconfig               noarch              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              152 k
 sssd                            x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              118 k
 sssd-ad                         x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              224 k
 sssd-client                     x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              184 k
 sssd-common                     x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              1.3 M
 sssd-common-pac                 x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              180 k
 sssd-dbus                       x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              216 k
 sssd-ipa                        x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              316 k
 sssd-krb5                       x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              157 k
 sssd-krb5-common                x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              191 k
 sssd-ldap                       x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              225 k
 sssd-proxy                      x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              152 k
 sssd-tools                      x86_64              1.15.2-50.el7               cr              412 k

Transaction Summary
Install   1 Package
Upgrade  20 Packages

Total download size: 4.8 M
Is this ok [y/N]:
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