Lenovo xClarity Provider

Hello everyone,

I’m using version fine-4.20171102153647_a5e507b of ManageIQ specifically to test with xClarity; however, I don’t see Lenovo xClarity as a provider option. Am I missing something?

Compute → Physical Infrastructure → Providers.
Click Configuration, then click Add a New Infrastructure Provider.
From the Type list, I do not see Lenovo xClarity


HI @scottdavis

Glad to see another miq user trying out LXCA.

Hope this helps

Thanks for responding TJ. The G release will add more features to this provider. The additional features can be previewed in one of the nightly builds.

Thanks a lot for the response, TJ & Rodney.

Do you know when the next G release will be?

I’m happy to try out the nightly build in the meantime. Also glad to have found another user working with LXCA, TJ!

You can reference announcements for the G release here: