License and limit of ManageIQ

Dear all,

I’m looking for a presentation deck where I can find the features and limitations of ManageIQ?
Is there a licensing system or do I need to upgrade to Cloudforms?
Is there a comparison of features and limitations between ManageIQ and Cloudforms?

Thanks to you.

I am going to answer the last question first: ManageIQ is the upstream version of CloudForms
As such CF is mostly an older version of ManageIQ and unless you are dealing with specific system level packages, you shouldn’t see any difference.

Regarding Licensing (and I am guessing you mean support): ManageIQ is open source under Apache license 2 and as such only community supported, in this forum here and on gitter. If you need support you need to ask your friendly neighborhood RedHatter :smiley:

Regarding documentation. There is some community documentation here, but for most things you probably need to check the official CF product docs and/or Github for the really specific details
But I guess “features and limitations” means Support Matrix and Deployment Planning Guide

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