Limit for Ansible Tower

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I’ve been able to create a service that invokes an Ansible Tower template. While it launches successfully, I have been unable to make use of the limit feature available in the dialog. I was under the impression that by using the limit field, i’d be able to force Tower to run the job on a single host if required. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. In my play i’ve tried setting the hosts tag to ‘all’ and to a specific group but neither has worked. I obviously can’t remove the hosts tag otherwise Tower won’t read the file as a play.

It would appear that Tower isn’t even using what’s being passed by limit and it’s just using the hosts field in the play by default. What am I missing? Or have I misunderstood the use of the limit option in the dialogue?

I should also point out, that the VM’s i’m running these plays against are not managed by ManageIQ.

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Have you selected Prompt on launch within the job template? See

Check your Tower jobs to see if limit was passed to the template.

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That’s exactly what I missed. Apologies, I overlooked that section as I wasn’t creating a button.

Thank you for your help. Appreciated!