List of C&U metrics collected/available

Hi, I’m having severals questions, which I was not able to find out:

  1. how I can find out, which C&U metrics are/can be collected for specific connector?
  2. When I visit “monitoring->utilization” section on VM, is it all C&U metrics, which are collected/available to see? If not, could it be some graph added/removed?
  3. Is it possible to change somehow, which metrics will be collected (like disable network for example, or enable another)?

Hi, there. I’m going to ask @blomquisg and @gtanzillo to chime in on 1 and 3.

In terms of 2 - I’m not sure what exactly you are asking, but I can tell you that all the metrics that ManageIQ has are definitely available via reporting. I’m unclear whether you see all of them on the charts under Monitoring-utilization.

About 2 - I’m trying to find all raw metrics, which are available for specific VM. For example for Azure I can not see memory stats, however for OpenStack there is. Actually, the list of available data graph (or value contains data usable in reports) would be awesome. Those reports are fine, however a lot of new parameters where added in latest version, but not all are contains data. And I can’t say, if it’s problem of it’s collecting, or those are just not available/implemented.

If i could say, that all metrics showed on utilization are those collected, then it’s fine, as then I know, that for Azure mem usage is not available…