List of firmwares of machines

Hello ManageIQ Team!

Is there any way to get a list of firmwares of hosts? I need to compare or create a report or notify with the list of firmwares or compare it with them.

Thank you


There is a new physical hardware provider that should be able to do that. It is being added by Lenovo on xClarity.

There was a PR on that precisely a few days ago:

And that was merged, so you should be able to that through xClarity soon.

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Hello @sergio_ocon thanks for your answer.

My question is about a list of firmwares from vmware of all the hosts. I would like to have a report that shows the version of firmwares different to your answer like hardware provider.


José Luis,

Then I don’t know, if the information is available in the hosts view, you should be able to create a report with it

Could you tell me where can I create the report? Thanks.