Manage AWS Snapshots

I have looked over the various Trello boards and the Issues on GitHub and I don’t see anything addressing the capability to create and manage EC2 snapshots on AWS via MIQ. I believe this is a perfect capability to enable through MIQ and would align with our on premise management through MIQ of VMWare environments. Is this something that could be added to the road map? We are happy to provide more specific details on the capabilities that would be beneficial for our use cases if warranted.



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Are you looking to view them or create them or both? Your use cases would help prioritize the work.

Both. Here is a good list of capabilities we would like to see supported.

  • Select an EC2 Instance and auto-discover all its volumes
  • Specify snapshot schedules and retention polices for the whole instance and/or each individual volume directly
  • Run commands on the instance to flush disk before a snapshot is taken
  • Copy snapshots between accounts/regions
  • Schedule snapshots on EC2, RDS and RedShift
  • SnapShots of AMIs
  • Cross-Region Snapshot backups
  • Cross-Region AMI backups
  • Scheduled Export of DynamoDB
  • Ondemand and Schedule resize of EBS volumes


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+1 to this

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