Manage OpenStack with ManageID

Hi Team,

Can anybody please let me know if i can integrate ManageIQ with OpenStack ? If so , guide me to some documents which talks about how to do it. Thanks.

Also , help me understand if i can integrate ManageIQ with XenServer hypervisor directly . Thanks.

This article has detailed instructions for deploying ManageIQ on OpenStack,

The basic process is broken down into two steps.

  1. Deploying Appliance
  • Upload manageiq appliance to glance.
  • Launch it with minimum m1.large flavor.
  1. Add your openstack env as cloud provider
  • Do the basic configuration of the appliance. Set time, Network,hostname etc
  • Access the manageiq WebUI in a web browser
  • Add your Openstack env, Watch this video tutorial to know the steps.

Note : To know how the integration works under the hood, see my update on this question

ManageIQ does not support XenServer hypervisor and I dont see any plans in near
future to support this hypervisor.