ManageIQ and support to the Microsoft private cloud

Hi All,

Let me first say that I am really new to this. I didn’t know it existed until last Friday. But I’ve been testing a virtual appliance and reading lots of stuff about ManageIQ to get up to speed and trying to know my way around it a little bit. I attached my VMM 2016 lab with 3 Windows 2016 hosts to Manage IQ. I can see al kinds of info and VM’s but now I am a bit stuck…

From what I understand, ManageIQ is the manager of managers and you should be able to manage your different hypervisor platforms with it. But I cannot find any info on for example how to add some templates to deploy VM’s, I cannot setup networks and cannot connect Clouds to VMM. It’s probably be because that I don’t know how, but it could also be not possible which leads me to think, how is the support to the Microsoft private cloud platform? I see that OpenStack is supported for Multi tenancy but what about WIndows Azure Pack and future Azure Stack deployments?

Just looking for some guidelines or documents that could help me guide the way.

Hi @pascal_sl take a look here:
Hope this helps.