ManageIQ Automate Guide versions

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I’m humbled that people are still finding the CloudForms/ManageIQ Automation Guide useful several years after its release. What started off as a brain-dump of knowledge born of frustration in the field, grew massively beyond its original scope into the GitBooks versions that are there today. I picked GitBooks because at the time it offered a free platform to publish technical books to all, and it seemed to fit with the Red Hat ethos of “we grow when we share”.

I’ve noticed occasional references to chapters in old versions of the book, so I thought it might be worth listing the various versions of the ManageIQ Automate Guide to avoid confusion, as “legacy” GitBooks doesn’t seem to let you browse these any more.

The original GitBooks version of the guide is the CloudForms & ManageIQ Automation How-To Guide

This was revised and published as an O’Reilly book which covered CloudForms 4.0: Mastering CloudForms Automation (free download)

The follow-on GitBooks version is here: Mastering Automation in CloudForms 4.1 and ManageIQ Darga

The most recent GitBooks version is here: Mastering Automation in CloudForms 4.2 and ManageIQ Euwe

Finally there is an addendum covering new functionality in CloudForms 4.5 & 4.6 (ManageIQ Fine & Gaprindashvili ) here.

I also want to add that none of these could have been written without the support and encouragement of colleagues, Red Hat, and especially from the amazing ManageIQ engineering team.

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@pemcg Thank you so much!

If it’s ok with you, can we add the information here: ManageIQ - Automation Book (source: at master · ManageIQ/ · GitHub)

Sure, no problem.