Manageiq can not connect openstack mitaka?

Credential validation was not successful: Unexpected response returned from system: Expected([201]) <=> Actual(400 Bad Request) excon.error.response :body => "{“error”: {“message”: "Expecting to find domain in user - the se…

[root@localhost vmdb]# vmdb && tail -f log/fog.log
:local_address => “”
:local_port => 55458
:path => “/v3/auth/tokens”
:port => 5000
:reason_phrase => “Unauthorized”
:remote_ip => “”
:status => 401
:status_line => “HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized\r\n”

info from vmdb && tail -f log/fog.log

Hi @fan,

From the fog log it looks like you’re using Keystone V3. You may have to ensure the openstack ‘admin’ user is an admin of the domain you’re connecting to. Try the following on the openstack controller:

# openstack role add --user admin --domain default admin

You should also check that there is an ‘admin’ project in the domain, and that the ‘admin’ user is also an admin of that project.

# openstack role add --user-domain default --user admin --project-domain default admin admin

Finally, when you add the openstack provider in ManageIQ, ensure you use the domain ID instead of the name (first column from this command):

# openstack domain list