ManageIQ Capablanca Errors and Bugs

Hello, there…

I’ve been using ManageIQ (testing it, mostly, not using it in production) since Botvinnik, and I’ve accompanied the evolution to Capablanca through the RCs.

One thing that I don’t get is how Capablanca was released when there are still a lot of bugs. Some of them identified here by several users, some of them identified (and corrected) by RedHat on the CloudForms release.

Some examples:

  • “Invalid Chart Data” problem on the dashboard: several people have identified this problem on Capablanca (RCs and final) – this problem does not occur on Botvinnik;
  • Smart State Analysis is not working on VMware running machines, due to snapshot creation failure on Capablanca – this problem does not occur on Botvinnik;
  • “Look Up LDAP Groups” button not working on Capablanca – working on Botvinnik + identified and fixed by RedHat on CloudForms (bug 1283790);
  • “Reconfigure this VM” on VMware VMs fails with Ruby error – trivial fix (a couple LOC).

I’m not complaining about the model (open source product supported by RedHat), bu shouldn’t ManageIQ strive for a higher standard, at least on major releases? At least incorporate downstream patches, and guarantee that features that were present and working on previous releases are still working on new ones? At least regarding problems identified by several users on the forums (some of them without any type of response by the developers, not even an acknowledgement – eg. this one).

Don’t take this the wrong way, ManageIQ has been evolving in a great way, it’s a great product and the community is really really great. I really like it and I hope it goes a long way…



Hello @jsribeiro

Thank you for your honest feedback!

We are constantly striving to balance pushing ManageIQ and producing stable versions. There are many moving parts and we may have overlooked some issues found in CloudForms that were not fixed on Capablanca.

We will review the issues you reference in your examples. If the issues are indeed fixed somewhere, we will produce a new version of Capablanca with the fixes included.

Glad to have the open dialog and for your help in helping us improve ManageIQ.