ManageIQ connect to Huawei Fusion Sphere


We are testing MangeIQ and we want to connect ManageIQ with Fusion Sphere from Huawei, ¿this can be done?

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Why don’t you start out describing what Fusion Sphere is? I did a quick Google search and the Huawei marketing site describes it as a “cloud operation system”. That’s not a terribly useful description.


Thank you for the quick answer. Huawei Fusion Sphere its a hypervisor based on Xen. Also compatible with OpenStack and AWS. As I understand, cloudforms is compatible with Fusion Sphere so i think maybe ManageIQ its also compatible.
Can ManageIQ connect to Xen based hypervisors?
Thank you for the answer.

Note that we actually never connect do a hypervisor directly. The hierarchy is this:

  1. Manager of Managers (ManageIQ)
  2. Element Manager (vCenter, RHEV Manager, SystemCenter VMM, AWS, Azure, …)
  3. Managed Element (KVM, ESXi, …)

Xen is a hypervisor that runs on a single host. It would typically be managed by a multi-node management system like XenServer. ManageIQ would then connect to the multi-node management system.

So the question would be what Element Manager is used by Fusion Sphere? Do you know?


Yes, Fusion Sphere use Fusion Manager to manage Fusion Compute an other components, as you can see in the next image:

Also you can see that Fusion Manager have Huawei Open API for Openstack, AWS, DMTF,etc.

In that case you might want to try the OpenStack provider in ManageIQ to see if it works.

To be frank though, I’d be surprised if it worked right out of the box, as there is variation across OpenStack APIs and our provider is primarily targeted against RHEL OpenStack platform. But the current OpenStack provider might be a good base.

I will also say that Fusion Sphere so far hasn’t made it to our roadmap. Any way that you could contribute support for it? Alternatively if you have a business relationship with Huawei maybe you could talk to them about contributing support into the ManageIQ community?

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@icifuentes Hi,I am using Fusion sphere, and I want to manage Fusion sphere with ManageIQ. Is it supported now, is there a Huawei provider?