ManageIQ Container Provider is still inventory only? Is CRUD actions supported?


We are planning to deploy the manageIQ for a hybrid cluster implementation consisting of openstack, aws, kubernetes…etc. We are in the initial stages of exploring the capabilities of manageIQ on various providers. While connecting to the k8s cluster we could see that manageIQ acts only as an inventory of workloads and does not allows us to perform basic CRUD operation.

So, even the latest version of ManageIQ supports only inventory for container workloads or are we missing any configuration? Please shed some light into the situation…

Hi Everyone,

It will be highly appreciated if someone can provide an update to the query.

Thanks in advance.

@agrare do you have details on the container providers?

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@Arun_Vinod_ecn The Openshift Container Provider has supported instantiating a ContainerTemplate for a while and will continue to support it. At present this is the only supported operation but if you have requests for others we’d be happy to look info adding support for them.

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@Fryguy @agrare Thank you guys for the response.
It would be appreciated if the CRUD operations for the container providers is supported in the future, especially for K8s.

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