ManageIQ Dashboard redirecting to Infrastructure Provider page Automatically


After successfully admin login to ManageIQ, ManageIQ dashboard is not stable to first page, it redirecing to https://localhost:8443/ems/infra/show_list#/ hence it is not allowing me to go to others ManageIQ tabs . I can only able to see ManageIQ infrastructure providers page. Can anyone help me to find out problem?
Physical system :- Ubuntu 18.04
ManageIQ Image :-ivanchun-3
Docker version :- 19.03.5 I checked with all three images of ManageIQ i.e ivanchun-1/2/3 but no luck

Hi @Dhananjay

In the My Settings page there is a way to choose which page is your landing page. Is it possible that yours is set to the Infrastructure Providers page? Even so, I would expect that if you navigate to the Overview -> Dashboard it would still let you see it on demand