ManageIQ Design Summit 2016 - Call for Papers

As we announced last week, the ManageIQ Design Summit will be on June 6-7 in Mahwah, NJ. We are now opening the Call for Papers. If you're interested in having a presentation at the summit, please submit your talk proposals here. The CFP will be open for the whole of March, ending on 2016-03-31 at 23:00 UTC. Speakers will be notified of acceptance by mid-April.

You are welcome to speak on any topic related to ManageIQ. For example:

  • user stories: achievements and challenges with ManageIQ
  • demos: showcase scenarios exemplifying ManageIQ’s features and capabilities
  • proposing new features to be implemented in the ManageIQ project
  • integration: deploying ManageIQ with various tools and platforms

Respond to the CFP today! We look forward to all of your contributions.

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Will the posts tagged as “Blueprint” will also be considered in the “proposing new features to be implemented in the ManageIQ project” category ?

Hi @fdupont, “Blueprint” posts will be considered and we can have a session to discuss them during the summit. However it will be even more beneficial if you (or someone backing the blueprint) can attend the summit and present it, in which case, please submit a talk proposal for a speaker slot. Thanks!