Manageiq extra var absent when use Tower job as a button

Dear all,

I’ve follow the doc about how to launch a Job Template in Tower ( here AWX ) from a button : Running an Ansible Tower Job from a Button · Mastering Automation in CloudForms 4.1 and ManageIQ Darga

I’m surprised to not find the manageiq extra vars with api_url, api_token, etc … passed when launching my jobs.

Does this extra vars is not populated automatically ?

I’d like to call back the MIQ API from my AWX job called via un button.


Which version of ManageIQ are you using? These should be passed from Ivanchuk and later. You also need to ensure that ‘Prompt on Launch’ is checked for extra vars in the AWX Job Template.


Thanks for your reply !

I’m using Ivanchuk-1 and an external AWX 17.

Prompt on launch is checked in my AWX job template.

When I use a dialog with some param_x name, I get my param_x as extra vars in my job but not the manageiq var.

Are you running a playbook catalog from your button, i.e. is your button type “Ansible Playbook”, like so:

Hi @pemcg ,

The “Ansible Playbook” button type is only when use of Embedded Ansible.

In my case, I use an external AWX

Here is my button definition :

And :

Capture d’écran du 2021-03-03 17-41-24

I remembered that the manageiq extra vars is passed when using an External AWX in the Service Catalog. It’s the first time in try with a button.


I think the ManageIQ extra vars are only passed when the job template is run as a service or as an automate method.

I wanted to keep it as simple as with the embedded ansible way. I’ll find another way throught the Automate ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies.