Manageiq integration with Azure DocumentDB


Pls. has somebody from you experience with Azure DocumentDB integration to Manageiq or Cloudforms?
Our idea is to store all information about available Virtual Networks, Subnets, Storage Accounts, etc in DocumentDB and consume it in dynamic methods of service dialogs.


@carbonin can you review this question from @Karel and forward to another SME if necessary.

This seems like something for @gmccullough’s team to tackle based on the questions about dynamic methods and service dialogs.

Hi @Karel, we don’t have immediate plans for working directly with DocumentDB yet. Though we are starting to look into integrating with various cloud DBs (Amazon RDS, Azure DocumentDB, etc…).

If you wanted to look at adding support to the Armrest Gem for DocumentDB you could look at the github repo. If you’re interested in that, then you might want to join the Azure Armrest gitter channel to talk to some of the engineers on that gem.

You might try something via Automate to create an integration with Azure DocumentDB, though, I think a prerequisite would be to add support for DocumentDB to the Armrest Gem. Also, the level of effort there is likely to be quite high, so if you’re not extremely comfortable with implementing solutions in Automate, I might suggest shying away from that.

If you want to get involved with the Azure Armrest gem, we really look forward to any contributions!

Thanks for reaching out!

Greg Blomquist