ManageIQ integration with external backup server

We would like to get some inputs on a scenario that we are trying to implement

Here is our scenario:-
Integrate ManageIQ with an external backup solution which should enable users to perform backup and restore actions on specific VMs from ManageIQ.

 For "backup" action, we created a service dialog that allows the user to select a backup policy while ordering the service catalog. (Backup policies are Gold, Silver, Bronze with specific retention periods, RTO etc ). Based on the user selected policy, a REST call is made to backup server to configure respective policies as part of post provisioning action and it works fine.

 We are now trying to explore the options for "Restore" operation. 

We think we could use the “VM Button” feature for VMs and Instances

For example, when a user clicks on a VM button named “Restore”, create a REST API call to the backup server to fetch all available backups for that particular VM. Now the user should get the retrieved list of backups with the status ( ex:- backups for last 7 days with status as backup present/not present, backup completed successfully/failed etc. probably in an interactive form like a pop-up window ?? ). The user can select the required backup from a specific date and then submit the request to perform the restore action. 

Similarly there could be many other options like selecting specific files/folders, options to overwrite an existing file while restoring, restore to another path etc.

         We would like to know if it is possible to present the data from the backup server in an interactive form to the Cloudform UI as mentioned above OR are there any other better approach for these kind of tasks

Looking forward for your valuable inputs

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