ManageIQ integration with GitLab for DevOps

We are going to integrate GitLab with ManageIQ for DevOps service.

I want to know how to create a plugin of GitLab for DevOps and how to integrate this new plugin with ManageIQ UI dashboard.

Can your describe the integration you are planning to implement in more detail?

Note that for parts of the application where git is involved gitlab is already supported (e.g. importing an automate domain or using a git repo for embedded ansible).

We also have an open issue for supporting import/export of everything via git, which is currently not assigned: [Import/Export] Allow import of all importable things via git · Issue #19589 · ManageIQ/manageiq · GitHub

We are going to add functionality for DevOps that will allow users to manage CI/CD pipelines for user applications on ManageIQ UI dashboard.
So we are going to integrate ManageIQ with private GitLab repository using Gitlab APIs.
Mainly, we are going to create, edit, and remove GitLab CI/CD pipelines on ManageIQ UI dashboard