ManageIQ Ivanchuk-2 Embedded Ansible broken?

I cant get embedded ansible to work on the ivanchuck-2 appliance. I have mande a fresh installation, added vmware provider and nothing else.

Then i have added scp credentials and a git repo. Created a catalog item and selected the test playbook.

When I launch the playbook the task is created and gets stuck forever at Execute.
Execute process initiated ManageIQ::Providers::AnsiblePlaybookWorkflow created on 2020-02-27 07:05:31 UTC
Nothing relevant in the logs other than the playbook is executed.

Content of the test playbook:

- name: Acquire and Set an IP Address
  hosts: all
  gather_facts: no
  # connection: local
   - name: Display all Environment Variables
       var: environment
   - name: Display all group names
     var: group_names
   - name: Display all groups
       var: groups
   - name: Display all variables/facts known for a host
       var: hostvars[inventory_hostname]