ManageIQ not removing VMs that are no longer in vCenter

Users are removing VMs from vCenter but ManageIQ is still showing them in various reports. Is there some sort of purge function that I need to run?

That’s a feature

ManageIQ saves additional data (retirement date, owner, tags, …) for each VM in it’s own database (vmdb). If the VM was deleted automatically, this data would be destroyed (which might be a problem, depending on your use case).

VMs that are no longer in vCenter are marked as “Archived” (or “Orphaned”) in vmdb , --> you can simply exclude Archived VMs from the report

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Interesting. I shall go and try and understand “simply exclude Archived VMs from the report” this a bit more. Thanks for letting me know.

Is there a way to purge some of this data, I’ve just removed a whole vCenter and would like to get rid of all that data.

In the Reports Filter-Tab:

Regarding purging old data, there a script in the tools folder:

However I don’t know if there is a cleaner/builtin way to do it.

Thanks for all the info!