ManageIQ on EKS using AWS load balancer - cannot login, timeout=false

I have deployed ManageIQ to AWS to managed kubernetes EKS using ManageIQ operator using these instructions: ManageIQ
I have set up load balancer after deploying MIQ. All services are running and I can access the front page, but I cannot log in. After login I get redirected to URL http://…/?timeout=false#/

How to fix this?

I have it running on a rancher k8s cluster - did not use the crd but hacked the setup from ManageIQ - Easy Install With Kubernetes

However, from my installation the apache setup is being configured to do some url re-writing. you may want to check there (see httpd-configs configmap).

If you want to manually create the k8s objects or script them, I can create a github repo of my hacked together sources. This is working on rancher k8s and is a vanilla k8s setup of manageiq.

I have tried to look the code and scripts which are available, but I don’t understand what is wrong and why I cannot login. So it would be nice to see your configs if you have working setup.

Take a look at GitHub - spicoli9000/manageiq: my manageiq stuff...
will need to apply some updates to certain yaml files because we use a local repo. also, the ingress object will need your host name etc…

Thanks, I’ll take a look!

and now it works, thanks! I think the biggest issue here was that the load balancer was plain html and the sessions were timed out immediately. These configs helped me to understand what was really wrong.

I may test deploy to AKS so please post your findings/fix if you get a chance.