ManageIQ on openstack for beginner

hi… i’m a student in cloud speciality and i have a project about openstack, i have to install and configure ManageIQ as CMP . the problem is that the file’s extention .qc2 i found on the site does not exist on openstack image format. how can I do to solve this problem, i really need your help please.

Hi @alpha

You can create images on OpenStack with image format qcow2, because the images from is also formatted qcow2 too

for example if you want to verify use :

ary@footix:~/isos> file manageiq-openstack-gaprindashvili-6.qc2 
manageiq-openstack-gaprindashvili-6.qc2: QEMU QCOW Image (v2), 70866960384 bytes


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