nightly/developer branch builds

Hello all,

We are now uploading nightly builds of the ManageIQ appliances every night Monday-Friday. The most recent nightly build will always be available via the “nightly/developer branch” link on the website.

All uploaded appliance images, including prior “nightlies”, can be found here.

Keep in mind that these nightly builds are the edge of our master branch and will often have bugs but it gives you a chance to try out our latest features and bug fixes. As with normal release versions, if you do find issues, please include the version information with any bug reports.



Please be aware that if you try to download the nightly build and find that the latest build is from a few days ago, this usually means there was a build failure.

We smoke test each nightly build. However, there are times where a build failure occurs. Until we resolve the build failure, there may be a day or two until a nightly build is successful.