ManageIQ, oVirt and cloud-init

I have been trying to figure out how to send the hostname to cloud-init in oVirt (I am trying to change the hostname when cloning an existing system). I currently have cloud-init in my template and when I provision through the (oVirt) web interface and set the cloud-init options I get the desired results, however, when I try the same thing with ManageIQ the system doesn’t pick up the hostname and I am stuck with the original template name.

oVirt => 3.5 and ManageIQ => botvinnik CentOS => 6|7

Can anyone point me in the right direction (even if it’s cloud-init and ManageIQ does not work currently so I can start writing my own script)?

can you get the cloud-init config file as is created by oVirt? (just get it from the VM when it’s running one way and the other)


Did you manage to fix this ? I am suffering the same issue.