ManageIQ Performance ISSUE

Hello there,
I am using Manage-IQ since one month and I find it very slow to track and discover my various virtual environment. I thought Rails server would be slow for my query but I can’t find any solution. Please Help me in getting my application quick and responsive.

Can you elaborate on what “very slow” is in your context?
Are we talking seconds, tens of seconds, minutes?

  • How big is your Environment? In terms of VMs/Hosts/Services
  • How many ManageIQ appliances do you have? How beefy are they (CPU, Memory)?
  • Are you experiencing any specific pages to be slow? How many database objects (e.g. VMs) is ManageIQ displaying on that page?
  • Are you using the AdminUI or Self-ServiceUI?

Very Slow in two sense.

  1. Login Page loading time is very High.
  2. When triggers a Create Instance or any operation using ManageIQ It will take too much time to reflect on its panel.

My server conf is 8 Core, 24 GB RAM

The login page is a static webpage, any delays you experience are likely due to network problems and not related to ManageIQ. Loading the Login page takes 2s for me (including a network proxy).

If you are talking about dynamic dialogs elements, they are going to take about half a second to launch each. There is very little you can do about that, except minimizing them and be thoughtful about your dialog structure.

Apart from that, I can only ask you to answer the rest of the questions above. Without a detailed description about your problem and steps to reproduce it, there is very little we can do to help you

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