ManageIQ Product/Installation Questions


New to ManageIQ… I am doing some research on ManageIQ as a possible platform for our organisation to use, but first I need to get my head around it at home. I have a few questions…

  • We are looking for a self service virtual machine provisioning platform, I assume ManageIQ is that platform?
  • I have a Centos8 server running KVM, can ManageIQ be installed in that stand alone environment i.e. we dont want to use cloud providers?
  • For reasons I wont share here, we want to avoid using Docker, so can ManageIQ just be installed as a VM or directly onto server hardware?
  • Is there a definitive document or set of documentation that can help me understand how to install ManageIQ in the environment I’ve outlined above? Most of the doco I fond relates to cloud or docker?

I’ve done loads of reading in here and other locations but became more and more confused, so I figured I would just ask the questions above. I appreciate any answers/advice given.

Thanks, Mark

Yes, ManageIQ is great for VM provisioning, and has a really good service catalog capability.

ManageIQ is downloaded as a ready-built VM appliance, and there are appliances pre-built for many virtualised and cloud environments. (see ManageIQ - Download ManageIQ).

See above, you download the pre-built VM image.

The user reference guide has the installation instructions for (most of) the various platforms, see under “Installation” (ManageIQ - User Reference)

Hope this helps,