ManageIQ repo updated to use code climate engines

This pull request adds support for using code climate engines.

I have summarized the changes in a video found here. Please reply in this topic with questions, comments, corrections, praises, etc.

Important links:
ManageIQ on codeclimate
Install the Code Climate Chrome extension
List of Engines
ManageIQ’s code climate configuration
ManageIQ’s code climate rubocop configuration

Previously, we used code climate’s legacy code analyzer and had very few options for picking what rules it complained about. You could enable specific language analysis, what files were excluded, and that was about it.

Using engines, we can now configure each one as we want them to be. If a specific rubocop is too noisy for us, we can either disable it or make it more lenient. There are also more options for types of engines.

Where do I begin

  • Install the chrome extension
  • Review your/other pull requests, fix small problems, open issues for large problems to fix later
  • Read more about codeclimate engines
  • Ask questions
  • Make suggestions on engine configurations: which rules to enable/disable or make more or less lenient
  • Try enabling new engines in pull requests or in the local code climate docker container
  • Include [skip ci] in any pull request commit message changing just the codeclimate configuration