ManageIQ Reporting (Euwe-3)

Hi everyone,
Just a question on Reporting in Manage IQ… I’m trying to keep the pretty formatting after running a report to give to my manager instead of a formatless text file or csv file… According to the documentation here (see P.16 section 3.2.3): (

There should be an option to download as a PDF… I know this the manual is dated, but even on my botvinnik build I still do not see this PDF option, outside of the formatting page where you can see PDF Output options. Any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Did you try reading the reporting section of the ManageIQ documentation?

Yes, It contains very similar information… The PDF option for downloads does not appear to be any where. I do get a PDF output section when configuring my reports and I have it set to my desired format… Just no PDF download option anywhere to be found.

I’ve figured it out… Apparently you need to install some garbage called princeXML on the server and restart the appliance… The Download PDF button then shows up when exporting a report. The software can be found here:

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@captainlinky, Thanks for your sharing. I am able to export my report in PDF.
your procedure works for Fine-3 also.