ManageIQ reporting only one VM instance while the OpenStack Overcloud environment has many

I added a new OpenStack Kilo cloud provider which has has about 100 instances, and it looks only one instance has been recorded in ManageIQ.

I checked the instance in question, and there is nothing special about it vs. the other 99+ instances.

Can you please shed some light as to why I am seeing only one instance?

Your input is much appreciated!


  1. Installed the ManageIQ qcow image.
  2. Successfully added the Cloud Infrastructure (UnderCloud)
  3. Successfully added the Cloud Provider (OverCloud), and pointed it to the Cloud Infrastructure.
  4. I see all the Cloud Infrastructure nodes in the ManageIQ portal, but I see only one instance VM.

Thank you!

@blomquisg can you review question from @theseaofstars and forward if necessary.