ManageIQ + SAML (Keycloak)

Hey all,

I’ve recently setup my ManageIQ deployment with SAML authentication (Keycloak 2.3) using the guide:

It almost works; I get the “Login to Corporate System” button on the main page; selecting it redirects me to Keycloak, and if I enter a user’s password incorrectly I receive an appropriate message. However, if I authenticate correctly, I get a redirection to https://miq-appliance/saml_login, and a message (Firefox) “Secure Connection Failed - the connection to the server was reset while the page was loading”.

Note that I can still login to the ManageIQ appliance using database credentials, only SAML returns the error.

Has anyone recently setup ManageIQ + Keycloak and got it working? Not sure what else I may need to do on the appliance or Keycloak.

For anyone stumbling across, I managed to get this working. The key was setting the SAML attribute mappers correctly in Keycloak.

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Hello, can you provide more details how you configured keycloak? I hit the same situation ?