Manageiq-schema and manageiq-api repos are missing labels

the manageiq-schema and manageiq-api repos are missing topic related labels such as middleware or providers/hawkular, etc.
it is much harder to follow and filter issues and PRs there without the ability to label.
Please add the missing labels for consistency, they do exist in other repos.
thank you

@chessbyte @Fryguy @blomquisg

the issue has not been resolved yet

Ping @chessbyte @Fryguy @blomquisg , was this request missed or are you unsure about what labels to add?
(Whether per-provider would make sense, or to go with more generic ones, vms, containers, middleware, etc.)

More about which labels to add and whether they make sense or not. Plus, it’s just not been a priority for myself these past couple weeks with us wrapping up the rearchitecture efforts.

If you have a literal checklist we can start from, and can talk about, that would be immensely helpful as even just understanding what’s there and what’s not is an effort unto itself.

any label indicating provider related work is missing. be it middleware, or be it providers/hawkular.
you can label provider related work in manageiq core repo, but not in api nor schema repos.
repo splits work should take this into account and add those labels along with repo creation.