ManageIQ Sprint 16 Report

It's that time again - today at 10:30am EST is the latest sprint report. If you're interested in hearing what's on the roadmap, you'll want to join us on a web conference.

Sprint 16 report from ManageIQ

Today's topics:

  • Charting Enhancements (D. Clarizio)
  • I18N Progress (D. Clarizio)
  • Cloud Orchestration (G. McCullough)
  • Automate Enhancements (G. McCullough)
  • Default LDAP Group for Authentication (G. McCullough)
  • Amazon Events (G. Blomquist)
  • Technical Debt - SmartProxy, Rails Backports (J. Rafaniello)
  • IPv6 Communications (J. Rafaniello)
  • Rest API Enhancements (A. Bellotti)
  • Fleecing Tests (R. Oliveri)

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