Manageiq testing with Openstack

Hi Team,

I’m new to this Manageiq and below is my test setup.

  1. Nutanix is the first layer(It has been integrated with Openstack)
  2. Openstack is the second layer(It has been integrated with Manageiq)
  3. Manageiq is the third layer.

We have 3 regions(US,UK, and USSR).

We like to carry out some functional testing on all the 3 layers.Starting from Manageiq.

Looking for the ideas from experts to carry out this testing.Thanks in advance for your response.

Manivel RR

ManageIQ is an incredibly capable cloud management platform and can do many things.

What are your criteria for testing? What are you hoping to achieve? For example are you looking to be able to provision new instances from a service catalog? Gather performance metrics? implement control policies on instances? Produce reports?

You can do all of these things and more with ManageIQ.


Thanks @pemcg for message.

From end user,I have created new VMs,snapshot creation and all other functionalities(in GUI).

I like to test the manageiq product by creating bulk VMs(to identify any bottlenecks.performance issues etc…). Can we use Rally to verify performance issue ?

Also do you have script to run the bulk VMs? Please share if you have any script.

Manivel R

The fastest way to push VM/instance provisioning requests through ManageIQ would be to use the REST API (

In many cases the bottleneck would be the external management system (such as your OpenStack) that you’re provisioning instances into. ManageIQ is merely making API requests into this system to perform the provision operation.

Are you hoping to test UI responsiveness, or provisioning throughput? I’d be interested to know what are your acceptance criteria?


Thanks again Peter for your response.

As I’m new to this “ManageIQ” product,Im currently carrying out the following testing.

As an end user,Im doing all the testing right now.

  1. Create a new VM order.What is the time frame of each location VM provsioning time?
  2. Console access of each VM and connecting through RDP/SSH with password/SSH key pair.
  3. Take snapshot & delete snapshot,stop & start the VM,set retirement date & set retirement now
  4. Remove service from Inventory(in Active services)

from the above request,I was not seen any latency on UI responsiveness and provisioning throughput.All looks good when we do through UI.

Im trying to do this using script.

“Lastly Provisioning is more dependent on how many workers you have and the overall health of your queue and database. You can try bulk deploying instances with provisioning to stress test this”.

Acceptance criteria:-

When we expose this setup to public,so many users will start using and there should not be any delay while submit any VM order.
I mean UI responsiveness and provisioning throughput should be good.

In between,Im getting the below error in one region while provisioning the VM,Any idea how to fix this issue?


Hi pemcg,

Can we use rally tool to test the ManageIQ, appreciate your response on this.

Mohammed Suhail