ManageIQ vs Cloudforms, dashboard output and reports


I have tried to find what differences there are between ManageIQ and the Cloudforms release. What I have read is that i.e. Cloudforms include the PDF-generation which is not included in the ManageIQ release.

However, looking at the dashboard for both Cloudforms and ManageIQ the displayed information in the dashboard for ManageIQ seem to miss information in the widgets.

I.e. in the default upper left hand corner, “Vendor and guest OS chart” only 10 hosts running CentOS is shown. We have 3000 other VM’s that doesn’t show up as beeing part of our environment in that widget.

Are some of the reports/widgets beeing “filtered” in the same way as when using Spacewalk and there is added limitations towards i.e. CentOS or should I expect to be able to extract the same type of information from all available reports independent on what type of Operating Systems that is part of our environment?

Other than that, keep up the great work!

Hi Maxton,

The content of the widgets should match for both CFME and MIQ, if the same records are in the database and the widgets are identical.

Of course, widgets are based on reports which can have filters, so if the widgets aren’t identical or the reports aren’t identical, that could make a difference.

In addition, if a user has filters defined in the group they belong to, the reports for the widgets are run in the user’s context, so the content will be filtered based on the group filters.

Hopefully that helps,

See my answer at "Guest OS Information" report fails to run . I think it answer this question as well.

Ah ok, then I need to sort out this SmartScan question…