ManageIQ with LDAP error - authenticated but not defined in EVM

I performed LDAP configuration but when a try to login I get the follow error at the log file evm.log;

MIQ(User.authenticate_ldap) userid: [teste] - User cn=teste,dc=local,dc=br authenticated but not defined in EVM

I seed that DN information is correct.
The user teste was created at mangeiq user administrator interface, but the error is same.

@himdel Is this related to ?

@Fryguy, it’s touching the same code but not directly related. (Or rather, with the PR merged, it should show the same message to the user as well, but that’s it.)

Assuming the default group is set, this shouldn’t happen ™ … Theoretically, the user could be missing :userprincipalname and :dn attributes in ldap? Either that or saving the user failed for some reason… @francisconp, is there a Created User: ... message in the log as well?

Hi @himdel, looking for the error, I can see that the user was authenticated with LDAP, when I tried to release a new login with a wrong password I get the erro informing that the password is incorrect.

This way I can certificate that the manageiq is going on to the LDAP and that is ok, but I think that the error can be when he trie to check if the user exist on ManageIQ.

At the user configuration, on “User id” I’m putting the exactly name on de “cn:”.