Managing automatic workload placement over multiple Openstack instances

We are contemplating the use of ManageIQ as the CMP managing several Openstack clusters installed in different locations. Question: is it possible to place automatically VMs based on policy (technical or business criteria)? If yes, then is it possible to define a placement zone shared among 2 or more Openstack clusters?
Thank you for your help.


At it’s heart ManageIQ is an aggregator over multiple Cloud/IaaS/Virtualization Platforms, so this sounds like something that should be pretty straight forward do do in ManageIQ

Are you talking about initial placement or migrating VMs from one Openstack to another?

Regarding the shared placement zone, usually you would define a “Provision Template” which includes all the details for MangeIQ to provision a VM into a specific Openstack cluster and modify this template according to your business rules and user input. As this information is different for each Openstack cluster, you probably need to write some automate code to do it