Managing Physical Workloads through CloudForms

Is it possible to add a physical server to be managed and maintained along with Virtual Infrastructure ? does Manage IQ support it in any form.

At the moment management of physical infrastructure is limited to hosts/hypervisors. You can also do some bare metal provisioning activities through integration with Satellite 6 or Ansible Tower when using Red Hat Cloudforms.

Thanks Krain for the quick response, Do we have any road map to extend this services, since some of our clients are considering this platform as a single source for their infrastructure management capabilities like C&U

I’m not aware of anything imminent… @jhardy or @bascar do you guys have any info on this?

Thanks in advance.

Our friends at Lenovo are currently building this:

To manage physical Lenovo systems.

Hi Geertj,

Thanks for the details, it seems interesting.