MangeIQ multiple server manage

I want to use my miq server A manage miq server B,but I dont how to do this.


@dclarizio can you assist @byq with their question, or forward to a SME.

@gtanzillo can you ask @byq some probing questions? I’m not exactly sure what he’s looking for here . . . thx, Dan

Hi @byq can you please elaborate with some details on what you’re asking? Are you asking about managing at the VM appliance level or something from within like a zone or region? Thanks!

Hi ,maybe his problem is that how to use two or more Miq server. how to set priority of those servers?
I can only use the default server database,but the another new sever can not work. i am also a newer to manageiq. so can u please give me some assistant :grin:

@gtanzillo here , i referred to this guide and use the External Database
on another Server item. then the server was disabled, Another server appears two miq server but i do not kown how to manage or use the new server.