Metric Rollups for Host resource types

Do metric_rollups support the Host resource type in “resource_ids” of this API command?

When a Host’s resource id is given, no metric data is returned. If the resource ID is left off then all the Hosts and their data are returned. Is this a specification by design? Or is there something wrong with the options used?

Here is a sample request:


count: 32873,
subcount: 0,
subquery_count: 0,
pages: 0,
resources: ,
links: {
self: “[1000000000001]&capture_interval=daily&expand=resources&start_date=2019-03-26&offset=0”,
first: “[1000000000001]&capture_interval=daily&expand=resources&start_date=2019-03-26&offset=0”,
last: “[1000000000001]&capture_interval=daily&expand=resources&start_date=2019-03-26&offset=0” }

As there is no response or documentation on this I assume this is a non-implemented feature.

Best solution is to remove the “resource_ids” field and retrieve all hosts’ data. Then do a sort by host and then daily.