Migrating or moving workloads question

Hi, im new with ManageIQ, and i am confuse about product.
I know what to do or what can i do by default, but i saw a video from RedHat Cloudforms about moving by “cloudMigrate” option and move a template from VMware to Open stack.
here is the url. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxwA_rhLUrA
i need this feature but this option is where ??? nowhere. I have installes CFME 5.4 and is nothing like that. i really confuse about this feature.
Can you help me ???


The video is an example of using Red Hat CloudForms automation. Whereby a statemachine was written by Red Hat Consultancy that delivered the capability of migrating a VM from VMware to OpenStack.

The ManageIQ community will soon be delivering a Software Depot that will contain many such customisations for users of ManageIQ and CloudForms to benefit from.

As you have stated in your post, “CFME” I assume you are using the downstream product being Red Hat CloudForms, in which case you should contact your Red Hat account manager to source this customisation from Red Hat Consultancy.

I should add that migrating from one vendor to another can be very tricky. The actual process of conversion etc is the easy part, and that the majority of the effort in such a project is actually around identification, compliance and post configuration, all tasks that are easily orchestrated by ManageIQ but very bespoke to every project. So whilst a state machine can easily dump from VMware and import into OpenStack, there are many many other factors you need to take into account.

Hope this helps, let me know how you get on, if I can help further just let me know. thanks

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Hello @jhardy

Thank you very much for the information.

Cloud you please explain what are the thing to consider or road map for tenant migration from one cloud to other. I am new to new to cloud forms and I want to understand operation procedure for tenant migration using cloud forms.