Migrating to new VMware environment

I am about to start migrating around 400 VMs from a vmware 6.0 environment to a new vxrail with 6.5 vcenter appliance. I do this by using a swing host that I migrate the VMs to and then disconnect it from the old virtual data center and connect it to the new on and then do storage and host vmotions with nothing shared. This works well and I have done it in the past. My issue is ManageIQ/CloudForms. When I migrate the VMs the IDs change, so If I create a new vmware provider in MIQ/CF, it discovers them but I lose all the ownership info and everything else, but ownership and retirement dates are the real issue. Is there someway I can do this without losing all the ownership and retirement info? I’m not too keen on having to manually enter it for over 400 VMs if possible. Thanks for any advice, always appreciated.


To answer my own question… it looks like this will do what I want. Just in case anyone else is interested: https://gist.github.com/robbmanes/6cdb222b2f77227c8d75f9f9e9cb6a83#comments