MIQ and add openstack cloud provider

please answer me on this point
I messed up MIQ vmware version in vCenter
ensuiste I have a web access to MIQ then I added vCenter as furnissuer of infrastructure it works I have in the dashboard MIQ an access to the VM
now i want to add openstack as cloud provider
Please, what are the info (openstack that I have to open it from my openstack provider) that I have to type them when adding in MIQ
my provider sent me an openrc.sh file
what I ask: what do I type in
no, protocol region, ip address login password API port
especially ip address and port or i can find them listed openstack

Protocol is whether or not Keystone is using HTTPS and if ManageIQ should try to verify the certificate
I guess IP is the address of your Keystone service and unless noted differently I would go with the default API port
Region seems to be an Openstack thing, therefore you should find it in Openstack
As for you Username/Password, I can’t help you with that :slight_smile: